1 Emergency Managers control critical resources and provide insight for incident/event management. Since all disasters are local, how does one respond to the community while potentially having the same disaster at home or family in danger. How you solve conflicts between community and personal needs so that you don’t have ethical issues during a disaster. There is no right answer, I actually had something like this happen during a fire and I was running operations, the fire was close to my house and we did not have cell phones, I did check on my family and was out for a half hour, so I left my post for a time.
two reference after page one.
This week’s discussion was on building model ethical codes. When I was in the Air Force as an organization we had the model of “Integrity First, Service above Self, and Excellence in all We Do” This was a guiding principal. In the medical communit hos slats have an ethics committee to he guide and develop principals. Two part question: 1. If you were a city/county Emergency Manager, List the top three guiding principals and why? This is a long article however there is a CDC white agree with some of these concepts.
https://www.cdc.gov/od/science/integrity/phethics/docs/white_paper_final_for_website_2012_4_6 Two references after page two.

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