Discernment on Daniel – biblical text

Daniel* & Apocalyptic; Apocrypha; Intertestemental Period. NOAB4 Intro. to Apocrypha, pp. 1361-1367, essays
“Cultural Context: Persian,” 2242-2247. HBD: Apocalyptic literature; eschatology. Alexander; Seleucid.
Maccabees. Apocrypha; pseudepigrapha; Scrolls, Dead Sea.
What is the book about? What is interesting or significant about it? What sort of book is it? The discernment
should reflect what you discern in the text to be of central importance and interest. It should reflect engaged
and dialogic reading, attuned to the agenda discovered in the text. Listen carefully and openly. A good
discernment will reveal you to a degree, and especially the text; it will reveal the fruit of your reading carefully
this text at this time

Sample Solution