Discrimination discussion

Read all of the scenarios below and consider whether each is an example of discrimination.

Scenario 1: An older employee is laid off because he’s the highest paid and possibly also outdated.
Scenario 2: A pregnant woman is passed over for a job promotion because management thinks she won’t be able to travel.
Scenario 3: Not wanting anyone to be taken by surprise, the shift supervisor informs the staff that a transgendered employee will be coming on board in the next week.
Scenario 4: A supervisor is told to hire a person of color even though a Caucasian is more qualified.
Scenario 5: Several Christian employees celebrate Christmas together by exchanging gifts with one another at work.
In your first post, explain whether each scenario is an example of discrimination. Explain why or why not.
Respond to at least two classmates whose opinions you do not agree with, explaining why you do not agree, or presenting another possible view.
Post the complete URL (e.g., http://www.google.com/ of any websites used to find information for your post(s).

Sample Solution