Discrimination/Harassment and the effects

The paper is going to focus on Discrimination/Harassment on racial profiling in the Retail business environment. I am going to demonstrate how more people of color are faced with this discrimination because of their race and how they are dressed and perceived. Most of these cases it seems that the people of color are judged in a different way than their Caucasian counterpart.

  1. Similarly, stop and frisk is also a problem in our society and can be label as discrimination. Many people of color are faced with this type of discrimination in the US. 2. Discrimination is not always related to color but also be in other forms such as a. Sex discrimination/ Gender discrimination b. Religious Discrimination c. Pregnancy discrimination at work d. National origin discrimination at work e. Age discrimination at work f. Race discrimination at work. g. Disability discrimination at work h. Equal Pay/compensation discrimination at work

It is everyone’s responsibility to be able to behave in an ethical manner at work by recognizing what their rights and responsibilities are. By abiding by the workplace regulations such as OSHA and ADA. Addressing business issues from an ethical standpoint. Distinguish what is ethical and unethical at work.





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