discuss where a social group has (been out of place)

Paper details v
find a current example where a social group has been defined as ‘out of place’ or where there has been a dispute about the appropriate use of a
space- It’s probably easiest to use an example based in Sydney (but not exclusively – possibilities can be discussed with your tutor)- For some initial
ideas, consider the content of the readings for Assessment #1 Ge. Nolan 2003; Valentine 2007; Thompson 2012; Connell and Iveson 2014; Rodo-
de-Zarate 2015)-
In your group, devise and conduct a research project that critically analyses the example you have chosen- Collect and analyse empirical data using
either or both of the research skills learnt in the workshops (participant observation, media analysis), and write up your findings in a research report
suitable for a professional audience- It might help to imagine the research has been commissioned by an organisation concerned about the social
group and the circumstances (e-g- a local council, or a non-government organisation involved in community development or advancing social
justice, such as Mission Australia, Amnesty, or a group that advocates for migrant, refugee, LGBT or women’s rights, etc)-

How the group or their activities are constructed as ‘out of place’ (e-g- through language in the media or policy; physically through objects in the
landscape; etc)?
Who constructs the group or activity as ‘out of place’? Who/what do these people believe is acceptable in this place?
If appropriate, how the group responds to this (e-g- leave or stop doing the activity; actively ‘transgress’ and challenge; etc)?



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