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You can be less formal. Its discussion forum.
1) Find a contemporary (within the past 15 years) Cajun or Zydeco tune/song and compare and contrast that
with either “C’est Moi” or “Zydeco Sont Pas Sale.” Use the elements of music to structure your comparison.
Post a YouTube link to the “new” track. I will upload these musics “C’est Moi” and “Zydeco Sont Pas Sale.”
2) Listen to these two country tracks: “I Hope” by Gabby Barrett and “Forever After All” by Luke Combs.
In terms of music (sound, lyrical themes, etc…), what, if anything, do the Barrett & Combs tracks have in
common with the Hank Williams(“Your Cheatin’ Heart”) and Dolly Parton(“Coat of Many Colors”) tracks? Be

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