Discussion on Orpheus and Eurydice via France and Brazil

Black Orpheus is a rather layered and complex retelling of a classical myth. We have a French director, Marcel Camus, who decides to retell a Greco-Roman myth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during Carnival. So not only do we have a decidedly European gaze/representation of Brazilian culture, we also have our own very American interpretation of what we are experiencing and seeing. As well, we have Brazilian culture front and center, shining through with constant movement through dancing and song. It is a lovely movie, with some enchanting actors and actresses, and beautiful scenes. For this module’s graded discussion, I want you to discuss the many layers to this movie, and how the tale is retold in it’s ‘modern’ context. How does the story deviate from Ovid’s account? Why do you think Camus made those changes? Post your response (with two quotes from the movie or Ovid or relevant screenshots of the film:https://youtu.be/KfUSwXFp2mY

Sample Solution