Discussion: Putting It All Together

“Style” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Dr Case

The readings this week covered various interviewing styles, including decisional counseling, person-centered counseling, assertiveness training, solution-oriented counseling, and motivational interviewing.
Discuss the style that most appeals to you at this beginning stage of consideration:
• What is the main focus of this style?
• Why does it appeal to you?
• How might this style “fit” with any future career goals that you may have?
• What are some questions that have been raised in your mind about this style/orientation?
Feel free to back up your post/opinion with references from what you have read in the text or from case studies and/or videos.
Please post your initial comment (2-3 short paragraphs at the beginning of the discussion week), and then return to the discussion area 2 more times (middle and end) during the discussion week to briefly comment, as appropriate, on what other students have posted.
It is not necessary to comment on the postings of every student but you should respond to those that seem particularly interesting to you or where more clarification is needed

Sample Solution