Discussion Question On Mental Disorders

Is ADHD an illness? Make reference to the diagnostic criteria, cite research on the question that you find in the text or on the Internet, talk about Thomas Szasz, Rosenhan, and the CV theory and operationism positions. Bring in commentary from websites you have found. Take a position. Answer the question and defend your answer.
Your posts must:
a) Be clear and to-the-point. Try not to go on too long but also make sure you relate your answer to concepts discussed in the lecture and text.
b) DO NOT use colloquial (meaning conversational) language. Please do not use slang or short-forms for words. So don’t say things like “This dude at Mickey D’s totally messed-up.” Do not use acronyms like “lol”. If you would like to contribute to a discussion of someone else’s post that is fine. Do not be personal.
c) Address the point that is being made, not the person.
d) Always say why you think something you do. Never just say “I think X” and leave the point hanging. Explain why you think X and not Y. Opinions are not that valuable here – reasons and evidence are.
e) Examples are important. Give examples and explain why they are examples of the issue you are talking about.

Class notes:

Sample Solution