Discussion Questions

  1. As you are implementing your strategic plan, the concept of continuous improvement must be considered. How would you incorporate continuous improvement into your process? What would you do to make sure it becomes a part of your culture?
  2. When establishing goals and objectives, how would you describe the relationship between the goals and objectives with the organizational vision, mission, and values?
  3. The process we have been discussing is one that involves a broad base of individuals, both inside and outside the organization. Why should the organization be aware of cultural differences that may exist in their organization and communities? What would the organizational leaders need to consider when they think of cultural awareness?
  4. We have discussed strategic planning and the process. Once the plan is developed, how is the strategic plan implemented? Provide action steps as well as possible performance measures that you will use.
  5. During this course, you have studied what a vision statement should be. If you were designing a vision statement for the Master of Administrative Science (MAS) program in Vancouver, what would it be? Why did you select that vision? How different would this be from the New Jersey program vision?
  6. The mission describes what the organization does. What should the mission statement be for the MAS program in Vancouver? Is there a difference between the NJ mission and the Vancouver mission? Support your position.

Sample Solution