Dismantling of the Welfare State in Europe

Some authors argue that the welfare state is impossible to dismantle in Europe, others consider that it is unsustainable. are certain veelfare regimes (as defined by Esping-Andersen) more likely to be dismantled than others? Do Esping-Andersen’s expectations contradict the Varieties of Capitalism approach? This question as. that you explore the conditions under which any of the three welfare systems in Esping-Andersen’s approach could be threatened and whether it matches the conditions under which a supporter of Varieties of Capitalism would consider (if at all) that co-ordinates economies may dismantle their welfare scheme. In your essay, ma. sure to explain what about one system or another may make it more or less likely to be maintained or dismantled. Note the essay doesn’t ask whether extensive welfare models would need to reduce expenses or size, but whether they can change their fundamental nature and the principles that sustain each model.

Sample Solution