Dispatcher Burnout

Dispatcher Burnout Article 2020 ECP210 Stress 2nd Critical Assignment 10% due June 3rd.docx – Alternative
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2nd Critical Assignment (On-Line)
Burn Out 911 Operatotrs
Due Feb 10th
Read these articles to understand more about STRESS 911 “Burnout” by Author Kristina Obodvskiy
answer the 5 questions regarding this assignment article

  1. What did the author want you to learn about this article about 911 Dispatchers and “BURNOUT”
  2. Explain to me what you liked or disliked about her findings
  3. What was the most important thing you learned from this research paper
  4. What was her main message in this paper of research
  5. Give me your overall conclusion about what this research paper was all about?

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