Diversity and Difference in Organizations

For this assignment, you will interview someone for their organization/work experience and reflect on/make
sense of their experiences. Interviewing others provides us with perspectives into different worlds and helps to
develop empathy. Because no one person’s experience in/at work is exactly the same as others, interviewing
allows us to find out how someone else has navigated the workplace and to draw lessons from their
write an essay-style reflection on what you learned. How did the interview go and what is the overview of this
person’s career? What stood out to you? What was interesting? Surprising? Not surprising? Use this reflection
to also “make sense of” this person’s experiences by incorporating concepts from class to help explain, convey,
describe the person’s experiences. (An example: perhaps the person mentions that they felt stereotyped. You
might then provide the definition of stereotype and examine the person’s experience as one where bias–
prejudice–stereotypes are connected.)
Essay instruction:
First page:
Title (no name, date, other info necessary)
Who did you interview and how did it go?
What are the key take-aways?
What struck you as surprising, not surprising, interesting, complicated?
2-3 pages:
What concepts can help you to make sense out of this person’s experience? Stereotyping, implicit bias,
microaggressions, covering, inclusion, culture, etc?
What stories from this person’s experience help to highlight or explain these concepts?
last page:
What do you make of this person’s advice for young people graduating today?
Is there anything you wish you could have asked about but didn’t?

Sample Solution