Diversity Management (ULMS226)

Write a critical reflection on your personal experiences of diversity. Reflect on and evaluate your own diversity and the diversity of others around you.
• How are you different? How would you describe your diversity?
• What are the benefits of being different from people around you? What are the challenges?
• What diversity do you bring to a team? What are the implications for your studies and the workplace?
• Do you have any biases? What might the source(s) of these biases be? What influence might these biases have on you? How could you address any biases?
• What else would you like to add to your reflections about your experiences of diversity?
In answering these questions, make connections between your awareness of your own diversity and any theory, concepts and issues raised in lectures, seminars, readings and current events etc.

Word Length:

Your reflection should not exceed 1,500 words (excluding contents pages, references and appendices).

• Your assignment must be word-processed
• All text should be in a clear font (e.g. Arial) at 12pt size and double-spaced
• Your report should also have adequate margins (at least 2.5cm)
• Pages should be numbered

Further information on the presentation of your assignment may be found in your ULMS Undergradute Programme Handbook available at: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/intranet/management-school/student_support_office/handbooks/

Deadline and Electronic Submission:

The assignment deadline is 2pm Monday 19 November 2018

You must submit an electronic copy of your assignment via Turnitin on VITAL.

Turnitin is a plagiarism and collusion detection system.

To submit via Turnitin, you go to the Turnitin Submission Box area for the module on VITAL where you will find a link for the coursework. Click on View/Complete and then on the “submit” icon for the paper. You are then prompted to submit a title for the paper. Use the “browse” button to locate the file you want to submit, then click “submit”. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to submit by clicking the “Yes, submit” button.”

Assessment Criteria:

Your reflection will be marked against the ULMS postgraduate marking criteria for assignments. These are listed in the ULMS Undergraduate Programme Handbooks, available on-line at:

Extensions, Lateness Penalties, Word Count Penalties, Plagiarism:

You are reminded that important information on extensions, penalties, and plagiarism etc may be found in your ULMS Postgraduate Programme Handbook available on-line at:


You will be able to view your feedback on VITAL. You will be notified when your feedback is available.

Guidance on Writing and Referencing:

There are many sources of guidance on reflective and academic writing as well as referencing systems including:

• University of Liverpool’s referencing guide, tutorial and Cite them Right at http://libguides.liverpool.ac.uk/friendly.php?s=referencing

• University of Liverpool’s KnowHow offers a wide range of academic skills materials and workshops to support your studies https://student.liverpool.ac.uk/advice-and-guidance/knowhow

• ULMS Study Support sessions

• University of Liverpool Management School’s Study Skill Pack available at: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/intranet/media/intranet/schoolofmanagement/studentintranet/forms/PG_Study_Skills_Handbook_16-17.pdf

• You may also find apps such as RefME and websites such as http://www.citethisforme.com/ helpful for your referencing.

Assignment 2: Checklist

This checklist is for your own personal use and it is designed to support you in the formatting, writing and content of your assignment. You do not need to submit this checklist.




























































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