Divine Command Theory

To write a philosophy paper, per the guidelines detailed in “Writing a philosophy paper” in week two. You will research and discuss one of the theories listed below. You need to pick one you understand and like or appreciate. You should strive to demonstrate adequate understanding of the theory first in the paper. At least half of the paper should be a discussion of the various components of the theory. Work to demonstrate your understanding of the theory. Then, you will apply the theory to a discussion of a contemporary topic. See the example at the bottom of this page.

Theories to choose from (You must pick one of these or some other accepted moral theory – be sure you do some research before choosing. You will be using the theory to justify your position on the contemporary issue):

Care Ethics
Divine Command Theory
Ethical Egoism (Ayn Rand)
Immanuel Kant’s Deontological Ethics
John Rawls’ Theory of Justice
John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism
Natural Law Theory
Prima Facie Duties (W. D. Ross)
Rights Theory (human or non-human animal)
Virtue Theory (Aristotle)
If there is another theory you have read about and intrigued with, consult your instructor for permission or guidance

Sample Solution