Documentary Analysis

Watch “Where to invade next” and read chapter 3 (Culture). Also review material regarding chapter 3 posted on CANVAS. Your task is to analyze this documentary and write a short essay.

1. Michael Moore visits nine countries. In each country he picks up one value to examine difference between American society and the country he was visiting. For example, in Norway, prison system was based on the value of “rehabilitation” (not revenge). This value guides every aspect of incarceration. Your task is to examine TWO countries and explain the underlying value examined in the countries you have picked.

2. For the two countries you have selected compare discuss how things are done in these countries as compared to America.

3. Give examples of the following concepts (you can use any country visited in the documentary)

1. Material culture and non-material culture (give definitions and examples of these concepts)

2. Symbols (give definition and example of this concept)

3. Formal and informal norms (give definitions and examples of this concepts)

4. Use any country to illustrate the concept of “Cultural Shock” – explain what surprised you most while watching this documentary and WHY? To answer the “WHY”, you will have to explain your cultural assumptions about how things are done.

5. Conclude the analysis by using the concept of “cultural relativism” – is it fair for Michael Moore to judge American society by standards of other culture?



Sample Solution