“Doing gender”

You have already written about how different or similar men & women [boys & girls] are. Now I want you to go beyond Ch. 3 and write about (a) how what you have learned fits with “usual” thinking about this issue, the issue’s relevance for the “gender binary”, and some of the consequences of seeing women and men as inherently different. Essentially, I want you to use what you learned vs. the stereotypes & write about what this all means, your educated analysis.

What is “doing gender”? How does this fit with gender norms? How does it go beyond these norms? How might “doing gender” influence norms (for better or worse)?

Which of the articles in VTS that you read since Quiz 1 has had most impact on you? Describe the article, being sure to include the key points, & explain how it influenced you. Be sure to put the number of the article, as well as the authors and/or title—don’t make me guess!

Sample Solution