Drawing a flowchart

  1. Think about a process problem that you have experienced.
    a) Briefly describe the process and the problem.
    b) Draw a flowchart for the process. See Figure 4.8 on page 143 for an example.
    c) Construct a cause-and-effect diagram (fishbone) showing the potential causes of the problem. Your diagram should include at least four bones (categories) and eight ribs (root causes), and the causes should be clearly stated. See Figure 4.11 on page 148 for an example.
    d) Develop a Pareto diagram to prioritize the root causes of the problem you identified in part c. See Figure 4.12 on page 150 for an example.
  2. Solve for textbook Problem 3, Chapter 5, on page 208.
  3. Solve for textbook Problem 4, Chapter 5, on pages 208 & 209.
  4. Solve for textbook Problem 6, Chapter 5, on page 210.
  5. Solve for textbook Problem 8, Chapter 5, on page 211.

Problem Solving and Creating Charts; Business Management in Healthcare
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Pareto diagram
cause and effect/fishbone diagram
control charts
X and R charts

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