Drawing a supply chain

How is that candy made?
Dr. Thompson walked into Walmart the other day and was walking down the candy aisle. In making his
decision about which candy to buy, he got to thinking about the process it took to make this candy available to
M&Ms – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMojC4-xilA
Link to video on how M&Ms are made
The finished assignment is to include:

  1. A list of items at each supply chain stage. Present on a separate page; do not include this on the same page
    as the drawn supply chain. This is to be a list of at least five items for the different stages of the supply chain.
    You do not need to list items for the essential first stage of the supply chain. In addition to the items, do include
    all ingredients for your selected candy. Complete this list first as it will help you in drawing your supply chain.
  2. A proper supply chain is drawn on the computer. No hand-drawn supply chains. It is to include a minimum of
    20 proper nodes on a minimum of six levels; do not exceed 30 nodes. You are to include at least two nodes for
    each stage, except the first one (the consumer who is Dr. Thompson). Include all ingredients used to make
    your candy.

Sample Solution