Dreamworlds 3 Desire, Sex & Power in Music Video (Documentary/Movie)

You will complete the Multi-media report on one reading or video of your choice from the LEARN Module in this
Unit. Each 1- to 2-page multi-media report will be typed (12-point) and single-spaced with the following format:
Your name, the date the report is due, the author and title of the reading or film, all on no more than 2 lines.
A brief summary paragraph describing in your own words the overall subject and main point(s) of the reading
or video you have selected.
Two paragraphs describing at least 2 of the main points from the reading or video in more detail. Each
the paragraph should be dedicated to one of these main points.
A short paragraph presenting your thoughts on the reading or video. This should be your authentic perspective
and viewpoint of the content and not a regurgitation of what it’s about. (Questions to trigger ideas: How does
this impact your life? In what ways have you seen these themes show up in the lives of your family, friends, and
loved ones? How do you see these themes play out on a national, or global, level?) Share your authentic
opinion in your own words.
A question for class discussion. Remember to include your question! It is worth 4 of your 20 points and will be
discussed in class. This should be a genuine, thoughtful question to raise during class discussion. Do not put it
in “Yes/No” format, but in formats that generate dialogue such as “How,” “Why,” “In what ways,” etc.

Sample Solution