Lately you have noticed the need for changes within your organization that would advance the field of nursing. You have decided to develop a proposal and submit it to executive leadership. Format this assessment as a professional proposal. You may want to look at how proposals are drafted within your organization and follow that format. You will still need a references page; follow APA guidelines for in-text citations and references.
Address the following in your proposal:
• Briefly describe the problem and how it impacts the organization, patients, and/or the nursing profession.
• Describe possible evidence-based interventions for the problem.
• Analyze potential barriers and resistance to change that might come from the organization, patients, and/or colleagues.
• Describe strategies to overcome barriers and resistance to change.
• Develop a plan to implement evidence-based interventions. What steps would you take? What resources might you need?
• Identify other health care professionals to enlist as team members to help drive change in the organization.


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