Write a research paper on Drug Courts. It will provide the background (e.g., informative material) and also summarize evaluation research that has helped determine the effectiveness of the policy/program (e.g., persuasive material). The paper should be 8 pages in length for each section (excluding title and reference page). The Informative Section must provide the reader with a synopsis of the policy/program’s history, purpose, goals, target population, and activities/elements. Thus the paper must include the information: a. A brief description of the scope of the problem the policy/program is trying to address. This will involve finding data (statistics) on "how many" people/cases on a national level there are; b. A discussion of the history of the program including where and when it was created. If a particular incident or case inspired the creation of the program, it should be discussed as well; c. A discussion of the purpose or goal(s) of the program/policy (i.e. what it is designed to accomplish) and who or what it is targeting; and d. A thorough discussion of the elements of the program, including activities or actions designed to accomplish the program’s goals (i.e., describe in detail how the program/policy is implemented) The Persuasive Section must summarize a selection of empirical studies that have evaluated whether or not the program has achieved its stated goal(s)…in other words, this paper should answer the question does the program/policy work? In this section of the paper, a minimum of three empirical studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of the program or policy must be summarized. Each study must include the following information: a. state the research question examined; b. Describe the population examined; c. Summarize what data were collected and how they were obtained; d. Summarize the findings (e.g., did the author(s) find evidence that supports it); and e. Note any significant limitations to the findings. Failure to include the proper citation and/or failure to properly paraphrase the material constitutes plagiarism. Sources must be in the USA and range from 2007-2018.

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