Drug use (prescription or illicit)

Watch this YouTube video:
SBIRT Education. (2015, May 10). Overview of SBIRT: a nursing response to the full spectrum of
substance use [Video File]. Retrieved from Overview of SBIRT: A Nursing Response to the Full Spectrum
of Substance Use (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Use this BNI checklist for the role play at the end: BNI Checklist (Links to an external site.)Links to an
external site. SBIRT Education. (n.d.). Brief negotiated interview checklist [PDF Document]. Retrieved from
https://hospitalsbirt. webs.com/nursingsbirt.htm (Links to an external site. )Links to an external site.

  1. Next, choose one addiction or problem to focus on for this assignment from the options below. *
    0 Alcohol

o Drug use (prescription or illicit)

= You must be specific to which drug you are choosing

  1. You are required to use one of the problems listed above.
  2. After you have chosen the addiction/problem, you are to research SBIRT training specific to that
    problem/addition. Before starting to work on the presentation, it is vital you understand how SBIRT is used
    with that particular addiction/problem. You must find at least two scholarly resources and ONE VIDEO
    resource. Search YouTube for one SBIRT training video from a reputable source that shows a provider
    using SBIRT with a patient. Watch this video so that you understand the steps of SBIRT.


  1. Introduction to the problem and/or addiction: Clearly identify the problem, and discuss specific statistics
    from your community related to this problem. You may use city or county data. For example, if you choose
    a specific drug. you should find the drug use rate in your city or county.
  2. Problem description: Utilize one scholarly reference (not assigned in this course) to describe this
    problem/addiction. Discuss reasons why this may be a problem in your community. Cite all sources.
  3. SBIRT description: Utilize at least one scholarly reference different from the one selected for the problem
    description above, and not assigned in this course, to describe how SBIRT is used with this specific
    addiction/problem. Identify specific steps and questions that are used.
  4. Video: Locate and describe at least one video that demonstrates SBIRT related to the addiction you
  5. Citation: Cite all sources.
  6. Community resources: Describe at least two available community resources to which you may refer
    people who have this problem or an increased potential for acquiring this problem. You are to provide the
    names of these resources and brief descriptions. You may use online resources if community resources
    are not available.
  7. Conclusion/future implications for nursing: Provide a summary of your findings. Discuss the use of
    SBIRT in nursing practice.
  8. References: Provide all references for all sources utilized.

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