DuBois, Gilman, or Mead

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Short Media Assignment Guidelines
In this assignment, you will locate and analyze a news article, short video (10 min. max), online video clip,
cartoon, photo collection or other piece of media relevant to our theories/theorists under study. Your task is to
address, elaborate, question, or highlight any of the specific topics raised by the readings and course material
for your chosen theory or theorist. You will summarize the piece of media, define relevant course concepts, and
then explain how your chosen piece of media illustrates the concepts. Key theoretical concepts must be used
in your essay (for example, if you choose Marx’s theory of capitalism, I would expect you to discuss alienation
or exploitation; if you choose Weber’s theory of rationalization, I would expect you to discuss
After you choose your media piece, write a 2-3 page analysis that includes:
Short summary of the media item (include a link to your article or video clip; if it is a meme or cartoon or photo,
provide a copy; this copy does NOT count toward the 2-3 page requirement.
Description of what sociological theory (and/or theorist) your media piece relates to, and how it relates to that
theory/theorist (you must utilize relevant theoretical concepts).

Sample Solution