Dynamics of Materials Management Life-cycle and how it supports the Asset lifecycle.

Industry Review/Literature Review (3500 words)
· Summary of the company (I.R.)
· Summary of the industry itself i.e. competitors, segmentation, market share (I.R.)
· Environmental Analysis (use 2 tools from PESTEL/SWOT/Porters 5 Forces) I.R.

· Discuss past research (L.R)

· Show you are well read on the topic (L.R)

· Identify key headings that you will address the Literature under (the common and most important themes) (L.R)

· Under each of the key headings, critically analyse the works of key authors in the area that you have identified. Show where they agree and disagree. Full Harvard style referencing is required in this chapter (L.R)

· This chapter has none of your own opinion/commentary and only contains the works of identified authors (L.R)

Sample Solution