E-Learning platforms

Defining your solution [45 points) 1) Define the concepts involved in your solution: a. Who are the stakeholders involved (personnel, staff members, employees, etc.)? What are their main roles, relationships, and set of activities performed?
b. What are the components involved in your system (e.g. reports, machines, documents, processes)? Provide a general description, list and define each item, use a context-level data flow diagram and level 0 to model these components. Include also their relationships (input and output data from each component). c. List at least 10 use case scenarios to exemplify how a given user can interact with the system you are proposing in your project (i.e. what are the features and functionalities available in your project for specific actors). Use a table to specify the use case scenarios. d. Define a workload table to compare how your proposed solution improves the current practices. e. Describe a set of requirements for hardware, software and personnel (at least three for each) needed to implement your solution. justify your choices.

Sample Solution