This paper should address the physical, cognitive, social and emotional realms for an age that you select. Think of it as a snapshot of a child at the age you choose. What does he/she look like? How does he/she think, feel and behave?

Your textbook and the slides from class will be a starting point for this paper, but you will need to use additional sources as well (check the section of the Library & Reference portion of the General Course Information & Resources section on this Moodle for information that will help you get started). As always, please support your information using theories of development and/or documented research.

Remember to use in-text citations to appropriately separate your work from that of your sources and include a works cited page. I am not concerned about your getting every period and comma in a citation correct; I simply want you to appropriately credit your sources to show where your work ends and someone else’s begins.

Many of you have personal experience with children at a particular age through your work as nannies, day care teachers, camp leaders. parents and coaches, as well as through classroom observations and family life. Use that as a resource as well, and feel free to incorporate it into your paper, or to base your paper on an age with which you are especially familiar.

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