Early Childhood

To complete your Opposing Opinion Articles Assignment:
First, choose a topic relevant to topics covered within this course, that is also of interest to you.
Next, choose TWO (2) current articles (published within the past 12 months) from reputable popular press
outlets that are related to your topic of choice. The articles will present contradicting opinions on your topic.
You may use: UP library news database, Google Scholar, Huffington Post, CNN, NPR News, and other similar
Topics researched on the internet need to be relevant to the course material. The more specific the topic, the
easier your search will be. This assignment is an opportunity to explore a topic of personal relevance or
interest – it can be a serious topic, a current event, or even something wild & fun!
You need to complete the following 4 criteria:
A brief summary of the material that you found on the sites. Click here for a guide on how to summarize your
A summary (3-5 pages, APA format) of what you learned from this assignment and its relevance and
application to your life or to your understanding of course material. Is the information consistent with text or
class material?
Using information found in your textbook, include at least 1 theorist prospective on your topic.
A short evaluation of the validity of the web site that includes the considerations listed below. This is a critical
part of this assignment and evaluative issues must be addressed. Is the source of this information credible?
What is your rationale for making that judgment? (How to tell if a website is reliable? Take the CRAAP test!).

Sample Solution