Earthworm Action Potential

The structure of the lab report is typically this:
Introduction – where you discuss the background physiology behind the lab, so discuss action potentials. You
should also briefly describe what exactly you are testing in the lab, and what you expect to find.
Methods – where you describe how the experiment was performed. You can summarize somewhat here. You
don’t need to put in every step, such as equipment set up and how settings were adjusted, etc. You just need
to give an overview of what you did for each activity of the lab. So there are 5 activities or experiments. 1)
Evoked Action Potentials, 2) Lateral axon recruitment, 3) Conduction velocity, 4) Refractory period, and 5)
Bidirectionality. You should include methods for each activity.
Results – where you give the actual results you obtained. This section is where you would put in tables or
graphs with data, and also give a written description of what the results were, or what exactly the data is
showing. So you should write out your results for each of the 5 activities, and within that text, you can refer to
any tables or graphs you have included. Make sure to label the tables and/or graphs so it is clear what is being
Discussion – where you discuss whether your results made sense, or in other words if the results fit what you
expected to find. Here is also where you discuss anything that was surprising or didn’t fit expectations, and why
or why not you think that was the case. So you are basically discussing in a big picture kind of way what
conclusions you came to given your results and what you were testing. Again, you should discuss all 5

Sample Solution