First part: Describing in 1 page why you chose those pictures? and this topic for ELL students. For that I will upload 2 powerpoints and the topic is “The Room of the House”. The second part – chapter presentation ” Classroom Management” page 200 chapter 13. Summarize each part from Cheating (5) to generate energy. Make sure to separate each part, you can use bullet to explain. Third part – I will send you the link of a book and your will do a QRQ (Quotation, Response, Question). For example: Brown text- Teaching adults p. 104- “Adults have superior cognitive abilities that can render them more successful in classroom endeavors. Their need for sensory input can rely a little on their imaginations. Their level of shyness can be equal to or greater than that of children, but adults usually have acquired a self-confidence not found in children. ”
Response- Yes, I agree that adults have superior cognitive abilities than children as they have lived through a lot more personal and academic experiences. All adults and children should be considered individually about their shyness because that is based on their personality in both the L1 and L2. It says that adults have acquired a self-confidence not found in children. I disagree with that fact as the adults I have taught in the past, have been very shy and not willing to participate in fear that they make a mistake/error. Children don’t seem that shy. Again, every one is an individual and everyone has different personalities at any age.
Question-In your experience in teaching adults, do you find them less willing to participate than children?

Sample Solution