Elements of Hinduism and Islam are found in Sikhism

  1. What elements of Hinduism and Islam are found in Sikhism? (5)
  2. Describe the holy scriptures of Sikhism. Explain the Sikh reverence for its scripture. (5)
  3. What is Khalsa? How did this group originate and what are the regulations? (9)
  4. What beliefs does Islam hold in common with Judaism and Christianity? (4)
  5. Describe the importance of nature to the indigenous religions and Shintoism. (3)
  6. Contrast and compare the social rules of Judaism with Confucianism. (4)
  7. Name and describe the 3 approaches to power (Te) in Taoism. (6)
  8. What do we, the present-day society, owe to the Prophets of the Old Testament? (2)
  9. Use the 6 aspects of religion (authority, ritual, explanations, traditions, grace and mystery) to describe how the religion that the Buddha preached was different from Hinduism. (6)
  10. Name and describe the 3 principles of Jainism by which a person avoids accumulating karma. (6)
  11. EXTRA CREDIT What does it mean to study religion using the phenomenological approach? (2)

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