Elements of the tenth principle

Which do you think is more traumatic and why: the death of a young child, an adolescent, a partner in early adulthood, midlife or later adulthood, a parent while one is either a child, adolescent, early adult, adult in midlife or in older life? Explain your answer.

Respond to the following questions regarding Gottman Principle 10 & *Optional:Chapter 11 (Hold The Hope).

Discuss specific elements of the tenth principle and chapter 11 (Hold The Hope) of 10 Principles for Doing Effective Couples Therapy:

What aspects had an impact on your thinking clinically, personally, and/or theoretically?
What dimensions of the principles do you agree or disagree with as a future counselor?
What could you foresee incorporating into your own life as well and into your counseling career?
What is still left unanswered that would encourage you to purse further clarification?

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