Emergency Management Principles

Review of Emergency Management Principles – Hurricane Harvey Case Study (due 8/28)

Reviewing media coverage of Hurricane Harvey, what examples or evidence do you find of any of the following

Regarding the kinds of work emergency managers do, what examples did you find of…

a.Orchestration of services

b.Coordination of resource or information



Regarding our discussion of the four phases of emergency management and the life cycle of a CEND event, what examples did you find of…

a.Preparedness measures.

b.Response measures

c.Mitigation measures

d.Recovery measures

Regarding hierarchy of stakeholder engagement, what are examples of cities, counties, and/or states that were affected by the hurricane?

Regarding the incident management complex, what examples do you find of…

Agencies that are typically involved in a command role because they conduct tactical operations

An agency that houses an Emergency Operations Center

A position that serves in an advisor capacity

Regarding the 4 levels of emergency management activation, what examples did you find of…

Level 1 – information being monitored and shared among agencies as necessary to maintain situational awareness

Level 2 – a proactive measure being taken based on information being monitored in Level 1

Level 3 – local resources engaged in the response

Level 4 – state or federal resource engaged in the response

Demobilization – response resources being released when done

What examples did you find of…


Threat Regarding tiers of planning, what examples or evidence did you find of…

Strategic-level planning (policies)

Operational planning (plans that specify what agencies carry out emergency functions)

Tactical planning (plans that described response procedures)

Regarding types of planning, what evidence did you find of…

Scenario-based planning?

Function-based plans

Capabilities-based plans

















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