Emotional dimension of eating and habits associated in Bahrain

How is the emotional dimension of eating and habits associated in Bahrain?

-Qualitative Ethnographic Study
-My data is my narrative
-Cultural Rules
-Anaylsis: pictures and narratives that help us understand the context
-Need to clarify the foods, basic things, how many meals a day, cultural rules, overall description of diet linking
that to culture.
-How does eating Bahrain look like?
-How many meals? What are they?
-Introduction: Food studies and emotions in Psychology (Bahrain)
-Anaylsis section: Needs to start offering context. First moment in the analysis we will use pictures (I will upload
later), or extracts to offer the context to give us basics of Food culture in Bahrain. If i have 2 pictures I can use
it without extracts just write in the Analysis these 2 pictures are my data, and explain it to the reader. We have
this meal(tea time example)
-If there is links with Religion. We say Bismillah before eating, Alhumdliah after eating (explain)
-People have to imagine everything/ have to be able to imagine. (reader)
-In Bahrain its okay to be quiet on the table, emotions are suppressed on the table, mobile phones aren’t
allowed on the table.
-Strict rule in our house to have 1 meal with family all together, either breakfast or dinner.
-Distinguish the practice in Bahrain and our house? (make up)
maybe it is something we only do in our house.
-Also include the abnormalities.
-Data needs to be studied for the analysis.
-Have a section on food rules in Bahrain.
-Rules triggering Emotions.
-People need to understand my research question, people need to have an image of that on their head after
reading, how can i show them the data for them to picture what i want them to picture?
-Anaylsis needs to explain different parts relations of food and emotions. 
-Cultural study, offer cultural context.
-In the analysis, different section/subheadings
*cultural context
*different emotions, how do they operate in Bahrain
(love, anger, stress) – use the data
each subheading should have explanation from the data
love(explain-use the data)
stress(explain- use the data)
and give examples
*Rules, religion, ongoing dynamic of the family(who gives orders, father)
*Rules trigger the emotion.
-Basically, in the analysis we have to have different sections of emotions and use the data to analyse it.
-Family is the most important thing, we gather 1 meal a day atleast no matter what the circumstances are (in
our house), In bahrain not all family do this because maybe each member work or they have other situations.
Also mention family meals increased due to the Pandemic since we are all working from home, before it
usually only on Fridays.
Fridays are family day in Bahrain,

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