Employee Compensation

Write a paper (minimum of 3 pages – and not more than 5 please, double-spaced, not including references). Provide an overview of the strategic importance of a specific human resource strategy or practice and discuss and defend your position in a paper.

This paper must have two parts: The first part is to

(a) Put your thoughts on paper by describing the HR strategy/practice that you selected and how it can contribute to a successful organizational HR strategy; and

(b) Provide rationale for your claims, calling on outside sources (and referencing them properly) to help substantiate your claims. You should draw from multiple sources. Sources to consider are: scholarly journals or practitioner-oriented literature/media including major newspapers and periodicals (e.g., Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, the Economist, Business Week, Fortune, etc.), and practitioner journals (e.g., Training and Development Journal, HR Magazine, Society for Human Resources Management, Harvard Business Review, etc.). You are not limited to these resources.





Sample Solution