Empowering Black Women to Dispel Stereotypes

The paper should involve a significant literature review of peer-reviewed journal articles which help inform your analysis of the development of concepts and ideas related to your area of inquiry. Themes explored are: Black women, feminist theory, critical race theory, transformative learning theory, narrative inquiry
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Content: comprehensiveness, appropriateness, and quality —that is, the paper and presentation include relevant themes and each theme is discussed in sufficient depth and breath as to demonstrate a mastery of the most salient concepts and ideas related to the analysis.
Evidence of critical analysis via a literature-based analysis and justification of the concepts and ideas discussed in the paper, i.e., the literature should guide your discussion and support of your thesis statement and analysis of the ideas and concepts presented.
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Clarity of communication and organization of the paper— The paper should be clearly written for an outside reader (someone unfamiliar with the case study and literature). Grammar, syntax, spelling, etc…should be accurate.




Sample Solution