“Encoding Decoding”

Choose one episode from one of the shows you have selected, write one paragraph for each of the types of readings that Hall describes in “Encoding Decoding”—a dominant reading, a negotiated reading and an oppositional reading.
I want you to write about season 1 ep 1 point of Dexter’s sister being prostitute And use reference of Julia(TV sitcomHall writing of “Encoding Decoding” (https://faculty.georgetown.edu/irvinemitheory/SH-Encoding-Decoding.pdf) And i went to office hour and asked for what my professor want he wants me to go for these points below 1) The ice cream truck driver killing prostitute – mass psychogenic illness, mass hysteria -Salem witch trials A girls do not follow the society norms are consider witches -Religious reason maybe think of prostitute as dirty so the ice trucker kill them -Miami prositute are scared about their safety -Florida state do not care about their safety -Maybe ice cream truck driver judge prostitute because of his religious,moral,different society, culture -Sex worker gives men a way men cant get from their relationship -Maybe Florida is a conservative state? -The state do not care about prostitution because it is illegal and look down on them -Killer assumption Maybe all prostitute are bad 2) Dexter the character -He is a cop but he kills bad guys think justice system is flawed -scary two sided man – Lapse due to process -Out rage mob mentalit – cops break the law to capture criminal

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