English Morphology

  1. Divide each word into their morphemes. Then for EACH morpheme, label it as Free or Bound,
    if it’s Bound, is it a Root, Inflectional, or Derivational. See the example below:
    a. Retroactive
    Retro + act + ive
    b/r f/r b/d
    n. airsickness
    b. Befriended o. bureaucrat
    c. Televise p. democrat
    d. Margin q. aristocrat
    e. Endearment r. plutocrat
    f. Psychology s. democracy
    g. Unpalatable t. democratic
    h. Holiday u. democratically
    i. Grandmother v. democratization
    j. Morphemic w. democratize
    k. Mistreatment x. democratizer
    l. Deactivation y. democratizing
    m. Saltpeter z. democratized
  2. Match each expression under A with the one statement under B that characterizes it.
  3. Write the one proper description from the list under B for the BOLDED part of each word in
    a. noisy crow _ (1) compound noun b. scarecrow (2) root morpheme plus derivational prefix
    c. the crow
    (3) phrase consisting of adjective plus noun d. crowlike (4) root morpheme plus inflectional affix
    e. crows
    (5) root morpheme plus derivational suffix (6) grammatical morpheme followed by lexical morpheme A B a. terrorizED (1) free root
    b. unCIVILized
    (2) bound root c. terrorIZE (3) inflectional suffix
    d. LUKEwarm
    (4) derivational suffix e. IMpossible _ (5) inflectional prefix
    (6) derivational prefix
    (7) inflectional infix

Sample Solution