Enhancing Students’ Communication Skills

Enhancing Students’ Communication Skills Through Problem Posing and Presentation”
Author- Sugito, Sri Mulyani ES, Hartono, Supartono ISSN:2252-8822
Journal Homepage: http://iaesjournal.com/online/index.php/IJERE
This aforementioned case study aims to explore- how to enhance communication skill through problem posing and presentation method.
Download the case study, read it carefully and answer the following questions in your own words:
1-Demonstrate with specific examples two to three of the Communication functions, which were implemented throughout the research? ( Minimum of 150 words ) , [ 1.5 Mark }
2-Discuss the tools used to improve the Communication management practices following the Tables provided in the case? ( Minimum of 150 words ) , { 1.5 Mark }
3-To which extent do you agree with the author view regarding the importance of enhancing student’s communication skills ? Support your side with evidence (Minimum of 250),{2 Marks}.

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