Entity Relationship Diagram

A video rental company wants to automate stores.
The company manages 8 points of sale in various locations; in each sales point they work for 1 to 6 employees plus the store manager. The company has 6 suppliers who collect the goods after 90 days of rent.
Every week there is an exchange of new videos and the return of expired videos.
Each video is distinguished by multiple actors, a title, a director, the producer, the duration in minutes and a genre.
The stores rent the videos for whole days and the rates are decreasing as the rental period increases. The repository of the point of sale can apply discounts to some loyal clients, but the discount policy must be coded.
Clients must be traceable and must be kept track of the customer and the videos they rent. For each customer you will need to know: name, cognomen, address, home phone, mobile phone, e-mail address and date of birth.
Each customer must sign a privacy law release and keep track of the corresponding paper documents. For each customer we will have to keep a record of the rentals made.
The employees will be characterized by a name, cognomen, maticola. Each employee will receive incentives if they exceed certain sales volumes.

Sample Solution