Environmental and Sustainable Design

Researching sustainable and wellness landscape practices
Go ahead and select an area for your final project site. You may want to make the actual site selection. Create
at least 2 pages to cover this week’s extensive research subject.
1)Xeriscapinga-Define the term
b- examples
c-Research appropriate Xeriscaping plants for your selected area.
d- rain harvesting
Research and discuss several water recycling processes and product- research climate and rain amount for
your site
2) Site use:
a-Research you site and see how it naturally drains
b-Research the sun directions for your site and chart them on the site-N,S,E,Wc-Research home location to
enhance sustainable practices.
3)Purposeful gardens (Different areas of gardens could have different purposes in relation to their location,
drainage, soil, view, sun exposure, etc.)
a) Research , define, and discuss the idea of rooms in a garden
b)Research and list 10 or more purposes an area of a garden could serve
c)Research “Healing gardens” and list and discuss things that could be incorporated in healing gardens.d)What
are some products one might need for the various “room” functions?

Sample Solution