Environmental Finanace

Put yourself in Tricia Linimer’s shoes and develop a full report detailing the requested analysis and conclusions regarding the potential green upgrades in question. The partners and investors are highly interested in both the resource and financial savings associated with each potential option. Ultimately they are looking for a recommendation on which projects BTB should pursue, as well as the information required for its upcoming investment committee meeting with Lakeside Capital. Bender wants to know how much additional capital is required for these projects, as well as the total net present value and internal rate of return of the green investments (including sensitivities of these two metrics against the discount rate and exit cap). Peterson is particularly interested in the environmental impact study, including both metric tons of emissions saved as well as the four areas of detail described above, as he would like to incorporate this data into an upcoming presentation to a local community group.

Keep in mind that Bender and Peterson are extremely busy, so your report must be clear and concise. Additionally, it must be able to stand up to the scrutiny of the Lakeside investment committee, so be sure to thoroughly explain how you came up with your results. Your report should begin with a brief executive summary highlighting the issues at hand as well as your conclusions, followed by a detailed explanation of your analysis and decision-making process. Be sure to include a clearly explained hard copy of your Excel model in the appendices.

Sample Solution