Environmental microbiology

  1. What is environmental microbiology (EM)? Provide three examples for beneficial impacts and three examples for detrimental impacts of microbes to the human/the environment.
  2. How can infectious disease be transmitted? Provide 5 examples
  3. What kind of practices can we follow to prevent coronavirus infection?
  4. Calculate the initial number of cells if the final population increased to 10^10 cells after 5 generations?
  5. A solution has a [H+] concentration of 10-6 M. What is the pH and pOH of the respective solution? Is it acid or basic?
  6. What final volume will be required to prepare a solution with pOH of 11, If 250 mg of HCl were added to the solution?
    What is the pH of the previous solution? What kind of organism will growth at that pH? What would be the respective physiological class?
  7. What are the four main classes of large biological molecules (macromolecules) that all living organisms are made up of? What are their respective functions? Provide anexample of each of the main molecules.

Sample Solution