Environmental Technologies

  1. Discuss how current technologies are being used to address solid and hazardous waste management problems. What are some of the methods being used? How is their effectiveness being determined?
  2. Research an example of an innovative technology that is currently being used. Describe the technology; its purpose; what potential it has to benefit the environment; and any economic benefits.
  3. What factors need to be considered when developing technologies intended to impact environmental problems? How are the benefits of using the technology compared to the economic impacts of using the technology?
  4. Explain the role of the EPA and the government in the development and implementation of innovative environmental technologies.
  5. Find a newspaper or internet article about new developments in environmental technology and predictions for the future. Write about your discoveries.
  6. Choose one of the projects of the Great Barrier Reef Water Quality Protection Plan. Explain what the project is and how technology is being used to address environmental concerns of this ecosystem.
  7. There are cultural differences in technology practices that have been adopted. For example, Europe utilizes more renewable energy technology practices than the United States does. Discuss some of the cultural differences and the factors that contribute to them.
  8. Select an environmental technology that you are interested in learning more about and address the following questions:
    a. What specific environmental issue was the technology created for?
    b. How has this technology impacted the environment? Discuss both the negative and positive effects that it has had on the environment.
    c. What factors were used to determine the effectiveness of this technology?
    d. What is the outlook for future use of this technology?
  9. Based on what you have read about the various innovative technologies, what environmental problem has the greatest potential to benefit from the use of technology? Support your answer with specific examples.
  10. In your opinion…
    There is debate over who is responsible for the development of new technologies.

According to Martin Hoffert of NYU, “Without a big push from government, we may be condemned to rely on increasingly dirty fossil fuels as cleaner ones like oil and gas run out.” On the other hand, some politicians believe that “market forces” should be responsible for the development of new technologies.

Which viewpoint do you agree with? Explain your answer.

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