1. Definitions: Infant mortality rate, Crude birth rate, General Fertility Rate, Total fertility rate
  2. NHIS, NHANES, BRFSS (know the main features of these surveys)
  3. Prevalence, incidence, incidence rate, mortality rate (and their calculations).
  4. Standardized incidence rate (SIR), Standardized Mortality Rate (SMR)
  5. Sensitivity, Specificity, PV+, PV-
  6. Direct and Indirect Age-standardization (Under what conditions do they apply?)
  7. Levels of prevention
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of cohort studies
  9. Advantages of randomization and blinding in clinical trials
  10. Relative risk, Attributable risk (AR), Attributable Proportion (AR%), Population Attributable Risk (PAR%) – and their interpretations.

Sample Solution