Essay Narrative;Your favorite possession

The fictional texts we will read in the lead up to this essay all have different authors, genres and structural elements, but their characters’ and authors’ various tales all highlight one conventional theme that stands out in them all: the consumer lifestyle. As we previously discussed in class, conventional themes and narrative devices tend to reappear throughout various texts because the experience is so relatable and understandable. For this essay, you will be writing your own narrative on the following topic:

Your favorite possession

Your drafting process should account for all the major elements of fiction we discussed in class, and as you pull together these various elements, you may want to think about the following questions as invention techniques to spur your creativity:

• What is my favorite possession?
• Did you scrimp and save for this or did it come into your possession unexpectedly?
• What is the story behind your ownership of this object?
• Does this possession retain any sentimental value for you? Is it a family heirloom? An antique?
• How did you come to possess this object?
• How has this object changed your life or lifestyle after you came to possess it? How, if at all, was your life deficient before you came to possess it?
• Is this possession part of a larger set of objects (like part of a collection) or does its value still hold when considered by itself?
• What does it look like?
• What does it do?
• Does ownership of this possession link you to some kind of sub-culture that includes other owners of it or alike products? Are there feuding sub-cultures that are defined by ownership of certain, related objects?

Sample Solution