Essay reflecting your ethical dilemma.

Describe an ethical issue that you experienced or observed in the workplace/school.
Your paper should describe the facts and identify the ethical issue(s) that you faced.
For example, the issue may have clarified an aspect of your character or a career goal (“Who am I?”) or the nature of the organization you were affiliated with (“Who are we?”), either positively or negatively.
You may write about things you have already changed in your work or things you want to do differently in your job to incorporate moral considerations or ethical analysis.
You can also consider an area that you may want to periodically review in your career to remind you of your ethical practice.
Analyze your ethical dilemma based upon your profession’s ethical codes or principles and include a personal reflection on the significance of the issue for you personally.
For example, what did you learn about ethical dilemmas and decision-making? What insights have you gained into your practice based on the reading? How might you use this in your practice/life?

Sample Solution