Ethical and Societal Concerns of Computer Science

From the Richard A. Spinello, CyberEthics: Morality and Law in Cyberspace (6th or 7th edition) choose ONE of the case studies from the chapters below.

Chapter 5 (6th edition) “Regulating Internet Privacy” Case Studies: pp. 192 -197; or
Ch 5 (7th edition) “Privacy Rights and the Age of Surveillance)” Case Studies: pp. 194-200.

Chapter 6 “Securing the Electronic Frontier” Case Studies: pp. 226-229; or
Ch 6 (7th edition) “Securing the Digital Infrastructure” Case Studies: pp. 229-236.

Write a 3-5 pp. (750-1300 word) paper in which you formulate an analysis/argument that responds to the question prompts tied to the chosen case and includes additional research on the topic of focus at stake.

Sample Solution