Ethical Issues

Windsor Blake Advertising (WBA) is one of the nation’s largest publicly-held consulting firms, serving major companies in the US and internationally. The firm now is competing for the account of one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi business men, in line with strict religious, cultural and moral values regarding the role of women in society, have made it a condition of the consulting agreement that only men will work on the account in Saudi Arabia In addition the agreement requires that the firm selected hire only Saudi men in-country for jobs such as translator, administrative assistance such as transcription of notes and correspondence, drivers, etc.
Laura McKinsey is a young rising star at Windsor Blake. She knows that being part of the team going to Saudi Arabia for this account should it be awarded to WBA will be a feather in the cap of the young account associates working on it. She believes she is well-qualified to be on the team going to Saudi Arabia and expresses her belief that WBA should refuse to agree to the terms of the agreement, as lucrative as the account would be. What are the ethical obligations of WBA management in this situation in light of the issues presented?


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