Ethical Leadership

Using the instructions scenario below and attached instructions must meet all competent requirements
leadership is often defined as the ability to influence people. An effective ethical leader guides an organization
and its employees to accomplish organizational goals. In the same vein, an unethical leader can guide an
organization and its employees to act unethically, harming both the organization and the stakeholders. Being a
leader is an exploration, a reflection, and a test of your leadership values. Seeking understanding of how you
resolve ethical dilemmas, taking inventory of where an ethical weakness may lie, and examining the traits of an
ethical leader helps you define, shape, and apply an ethical decision-making framework, while also taking into
consideration all stakeholders who may be impacted by your decisions.
For this task, you will respond to an ethical situation as well as analyze the results of the Ethical Lens Inventory
(ELI), including your top five values from the Clarifying Your Values exercise, both of which should be
completed in the course of study. This task focuses on you as a leader by helping you to define, refine, and test

You are a sales representative for a medical device company that manufactures artificial joints. Your company
has developed an artificial knee joint that is less expensive than the competition and will dramatically reduce
healing time for patients. However, it is also known to produce a serious and potentially lethal infection in a
small percentage of patients. The company refuses to disclose this potential side effect.

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